Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here I Am

There are moments in life that you want to slow down and take in every fiber of them.  There are also moments that you want to fast forward through and be done with.  Right now I am doing both, and the joy is I am finding God in both.

God has given me so much peace about my new role for Beautiful Gate.  He has shown me that every path I walked down in life has brought me to this place.  He has revealed Himself to me in ways that I have felt His provision and strength not only filling my body, but OVERFLOWING in my body. It is in these moments that I want to move slowly, so I don't miss any part of who God is and how is going to use me.

There are also moments I want to fast forward through, so I can be fulling working for Beautiful Gate, instead of juggling school, Starbucks and Beautiful Gate work.  I know the day will come when this will happen, and I am trusting that it will happen in His time, not mine.  But through juggling, I am able to share my journey with my classmates, co-workers and customers and through that, I am seeing God put more pieces in His puzzle of my life.

Above all, I want to make God smile. Psalm 40:7-8 says, "Then I said, 'Here I am, I have come—it is written about me in the scroll.  I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.'" This is where I am right now. I have said HERE I AM and now I desire to do God's will and nothing else.  

Today I had two fund raising events for Beautiful Gate.  One was a car wash and the other an auction/dinner.  My role was different in each.  The car wash was for my upcoming trip the the team from Holland Christian.  My role was easy...wash cars.  At the dinner, which was for another team from the Holland area that will be going in October, my role was to represent Beautiful Gate and share my heart by encouraging others to lead.  Tonight, I have to smile and praise God for the amazing day He has given me.  I still can't believe that this is the next chapter in my life and I am so honored to be a part of God's great plan.

Here am I Lord. Send me.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

North American Ambassador for Beautiful Gate Lesotho

In October of 2009, I went on a two-week mission trip to a tiny country called Lesotho. I had no idea that after this trip to Africa, I would be spending the rest of my life advocating and caring for the fatherless children of Lesotho. Spending two weeks at Beautiful Gate Lesotho Child Care Center not only introduced me to the needs of these fatherless children, but it introduced me to God’s will for my life. Since that trip in 2009, I have taken multiple trips back to Lesotho, some just for a few weeks, but also a four-month stay as well. Through every trip God revealed to me a little more of His plan and design for me. In each trip He gave me confidence by showing me how I can use the gifts He has given me, not only to bring hope to the children of Lesotho, but also to bring glory to His name. He asked and I said, “Use me.”

Because of this, I have accepted the position as North American Ambassador for Beautiful Gate Lesotho. This role will entail me living part of the year in Lesotho and part of the year in North America. While in Lesotho, I will be assisting the Director with the current day-to-day operations, working with teams that come to serve, and other public relation duties. While in the United States, I will be speaking at churches, with individuals and organizations, promoting and raising funds for Beautiful Gate Lesotho. I will also be hosting fund-raising opportunities for Beautiful Gate Lesotho as well as coordinating volunteer teams to serve at Beautiful Gate.

I am honored to serve the beautiful children in Lesotho, but I need your help to make this possible. The North American Ambassador for Beautiful Gate Lesotho is a faith-based salary. Please consider how you can help me defend and care for the fatherless children of Lesotho by supporting the mission God has given me.