Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Meet Tyler Robbert

When the Lord put on my heart that this would be my last year with Beautiful Gate, I was determined to not finish until the right person was in place. I remember laying in bed praying that God would make it clear as to who the next North American Ambassador would be and He did just that.

It is my privilege to introduce you all to Tyler Robbert, the North American Ambassador for Beautiful Gate Lesotho.

Tyler grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but it took an internship at a supporting church in Redlands, California where he was introduced to BG. Tyler served in the houses at BG from September of 2014 to September of 2015. The staff immediately feel in love with his desire to truly know the Basotho culture and serve them well. The children latched onto his fun loving, compassionate personality. A day didn't go by last year, where I wouldn't see Tyler and the children running around the yard at BG. Tyler has been blessed with an amazing heart and determination to serve God above everyone and everything else. His commitment to BG is second to none. He loves the staff and children and treats them as they are, valuable members of God's family. There has never been a shadow of doubt for me that God aligned Tyler to serve at BG, during the same year he asked me to step down from this position. God continues to prove that he has everything under control.

Tyler came back to BG in February of 2016 to train in this position. In the few short months he has been here, he has served teams, donors as well as continuing to bring joy to the staff and children. I am so excited to see what God is going to do through Tyler. His sensitive spirit to always following the Spirit's guiding is going to be a huge asset on this campus. I know and believe that the Lord will use Tyler to reach out to more people and impact the hearts of more people so that the future of Beautiful Gate remains a strong Christian family, whose main focus is to bring, truth, hope and love the children and staff in Lesotho.

Tyler and I will be serving together in Lesotho until the end of June and then we will travel back to Michigan. From July to December we will be meeting with existing churches, individuals and organizations that make up our donor family. If you would like to meet will us, please contact me at